måndag 18 augusti 2008

mer nöjd

...var jag med kastrups kaffekoppar. funkade utmärkt med min mus.

4 kommentarer:

Hanna sa...

Jäklar va snygga. Det ser ut som dom är sköna att hålla i också!

Mats Almegård sa...

den var faktiskt hejdlöst skön att hålla i. anatomisk och vacker på samma gång - den perfekta koppen minsann. men knasig som jag är glömde jag kolla vad den heter.

kerstin sa...

Jag har sett den. ÅH jag vet vad den heter. Bu för mitt kassa minne när det gäller såna här saker.

Mats Almegård sa...

okej! för alla porslinsälskare här på Strömbloggen. Royal Copenhagen tillverkar... www.royalcopenhagen.com

och så här skriver de om designern:

Designer Ole Jensen has created a range of sculptural, innovative designs - a large and varied dinnerware series called Ole. The individual utensils for the kitchen and table are created around a common idea: to unite form and function and turn work into play. Ole Jensen attaches great importance to the primary function of things and to the pleasure of performing everyday tasks.

Here are some examples of well-known functions that are used and experienced in a new way: the colander, which functions both as a strainer and, in a single movement, as a serving bowl. The juice jug, with built-in citrus press, with its narrow spout holding back the pips and the pulp. The cone-shaped grater, placed at an angle, is secured by the saucer's rounded shape. The decanter's round base and rolling motion make its contents come to life. The sturdy grip, which is part of the mug, rests on the table and is comfortable to hold. Tools for everyday life with innovation in form and function.

The materials in the Ole dinnerware series also have their individual identity. The porcelain has strength and whiteness, the faience the opportunity to use bright colours, the glass brings transparency and the metal distinguishes itself by its sharpness and cool colour.

Ole dinnerware series have been shown in the newly renovated Museum of Modern Art in New York. Ole dinnerware series is also to be found among other Royal Copenhagen products in exclusive restaurants and café.